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#12791569 Oct 18, 2016 at 07:02 PM
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Death too the Old God C`Thun

Hello fellow raiders of the dark and gloomy Ahn'Qiraj!

Enrage has now finally completed the latest challenge brought our way, namely The Tempel of Ahn'Qiraj. We have spent lots of hours in preparation, yet less than most. We should take pride in this accomplishment, but not let it put us on our back bone, we now need to continue our push trough all the content that Kronos offers us in this vanilla package we all love so dearly.

This milestone is achieved by good team work and dedication, and lets us all keep this dedication up to a high level so we can make a real push and make the other Horde guilds tremble of the wake our foot steps will leave. Let us go hard and stay true so that when Naxxramas is released we can fight and pierce trough it and come out on the other side as champions of the Horde, namely a top tier guild!

The officer team is proud of our steady raiders that keep giving their all time in and time out, as well as, our new recruits that has show to be of great caliber and strong will.

Which at the very end, even brought down a God!
/I love Kico
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