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#12882642 Nov 27, 2016 at 03:58 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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I, unfortunately, have been in similar positions when it comes to guilds breaking up due to people's desires. It never gets easier, you just learn to deal with it and move on faster. There are so many things that you wanna say but in the end what's done is done.

But it does not mean that things should be left unsaid. Zehn, the way you say things and the way you interpret them in your head are two vastly different things. When you say "When Elysium opens, well we re-rolling there." is not the same as "When Elysium opens, well be starting some toons there but keep raiding here." Notice the difference? You may have said it in some way, but the way it was said and then perceived by the listener are what perhaps ended raiding prematurely. The nonchalant stance you took after your initial comment about whatever raiding you planned to do on Kronos was rather disheartening as well. "Ill log on and see what we got", not a very enticing offer to those players that pretty much got kicked to the curve. Many of those people, having written above, have the right to be angry about the way the situation was handled. Those are the players who now have to deal with not having a place to log on to and be able to raid at a certain time. They are the ones that now have to deal with finding a place where they are welcomed. A place that they know has a place for them as long as he or she is doing what they are supposed to.

As far as Enrage was, we had a great groups of peeps. I honestly though we had the group to get really far into naxx once it rolled out. I was seeing myself in front of KT in no short time with you degenerates. Oh well, it was good while it lasted at least. I'm still in guild but I'm taking a break from the game. I wish all of you the best in whatever the future holds for you.

#12882784 Nov 27, 2016 at 05:19 PM
The Cunt (GM)
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Ok. All I am seeing now is the same old repeat.

An attack on me, which is fine.

I will say it once more.

-We, All officers, offered to stay, and train the new raid leader, guild master, tank, dps, healer Anything we would have done.

If only someone had stepped up and took over, I would have played till the day Elysium hits, which, ill say again, still doesn't have an official release date!

But no. No one said a pep, no one said anything on forums. No one was willing to fight.

Instead, almost 10 people instantly quit the game all together and about 5 people got instantly into other guilds.

Ill not sit here, and read that you think I just thought "fuck you guys".

Any person that was active on TS, which isn't any of the 2 main attackers here btw, will know that I spent a FUCKTON of time, talking through every single option we had into what I would do -> and after my mind was set, which was NOT on the day of information release, mind you(!), I was wondering and looking into options for HOW to inform the guild?

And that is what we ended up doing informing the guild.

You wanna know how I came to the conclusion that we should inform the guild ?

I THOUGHT ABOUT MY RAIDERS! Yes, that's right species, I thought about you guys, because that's what I do 7 days a week, how to Keep my raid happy.

After debating for close to 2 weeks, with basically every officer and with myself, whether or not to go for this, I came to the conclusion that I want to go for it.

My options at that point:

Tell the raid asap - without a plan of what to do. -> I didn't go with that.

Inform my officers about my plans - I did that

Try to come up with a way to inform the raid - I did that.

Inform the raid - I did that (Though Ill take the skepticism from Harty, and say I could have chosen my words better, so nothing could be misunderstood.)

But why did I inform you?

Because I respect you.

Because I really don't see the need to string along players, when I'm already made up in my mind.

BUT, I added the option to KEEP PLAYING, and TRAIN ANYONE willing to step it up.

If your pissed about anything, Be pissed at yourself for immediately throwing the towel in the ring and say F it.

Instead your sitting here and telling me, that I don't care about you ?

I've used more time thinking about every single individual in this entire guild then you have about the guild itself.

So Throw all blame at me, I can handle it. If it makes you feel better. Fine.


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I also agree that we both made our points and there is no need to further repeat them in a different sentences. To sum it up, it wasn't about making you look bad or make ourselves feel better. I just wanted you to understand our frustration and sadness that this whole thing did not turn out better.

I personally not only like vanilla but also TBC and Wrath so for me as much as I would to play orna more populater server, starting all over again is not attractive at all when there are at least two promising TBC projects coming out (next year). I would just love to see us clear Naxx and farm it for some time and then we would move together to "absolutely fucking destroy" TBC. #thedream

Sadly, that ain't gonna happen. So good luck to you all going to Elysium, hope you find there the vanilla experience that you are looking for. Also good luck to everyone who has found or is searching for new guild. Don't give up, we will see that motherfucker Kel'Thuzad fall!

And to those of you who are also interested in TBC, check out Netherwing project from Atlantiss. I myself have a bit higher hopes for this one than Ares but I guess only future will tell.
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Was locking forward to start raiding again with the guild after my China-visit but I guess all things can't last forever.

Might jump in on Elysium in January and see how it is.
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Yea i too have a feeling were in a loop here.

What i wanted to say i already said, if you can please dont take my opinions as personal attack against you, i didnt mean it like that in any way!